A Formation Committee was set up in 1920 by the ex-servicemen of Romford who were in the armed forces of the Crown during the 1914-1918 war, and the outcome was the formation of the Romford United Services Club at Queen’s House, High Street in 1921.

In 1938 it was decided by the Committee to find a suitable site for extending the Club facilities. This was done, whereby the Committee purchased our present grounds and “Great Mawneys” was ours. It was opened on the 22nd April 1939.

Soon after the Second World War a Building Committee was formed for the purpose of enlarging the Club, but we had our trials and tribulations. Our first scheme had to be abandoned owing to cost. Not to be dismayed, further drawings were forwarded, and a new extension was the outcome.

The Club has opened its doors to other than ex-servicemen, and a welcome was extended to those who wished to spend some of their leisure hours enjoying club life.

Many changes and improvements have been made to the clubhouse over the years, bringing us to the wonderful venue which currently exists.

A premier source of entertainment in the South East

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